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The Luthor Network
The Luthor Network

Say what you want about Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman vs. Lex Luthor but there is rarely a news that is unsurprising (the jury on good or bad is still out). And the two new casting announcements are no different. Introducing the new Lex Luthor and Alfred:

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Jeremy Irons (Margin Call)!

Hit the jump for comments by Zack Snyder on the casting.

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Bats Vs Supes

After some rumors about Ben Affleck sustaining an inury there was speculation that Batman vs Superman (vs Wonderwoman) might get pushed back. Now we have an official press release stating that Batman vs Superman will be puhsed back to May 6th 2016. Here is the official statement:

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A year ago o July 20th I saw one of my most hyped up movies: The Dark Knight Rises
The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy or – as it is now know – the Dark Knight Trilogy.
Only a year?

After some initial uncertainties with The Dark Knight Rises as a final installment I went back to rewatch the trilogy and see it as a whole. And the more I thought about it, the more all the pieces fit together.

Many problems I had with the plot – especially the idea of legacy – were because I was expecting  a different take on Batman but it is undeniably clear that Christopher Nolan has had a vision for a story and never compromised. We can agree and disagree but it is truly a sign of a storyteller expressing his vision of a character.

And because of this Nolan’s trilogy is the measure stick for superhero trilogies and movie trilogies in general. And it will probably remain for quite some time.

To celebrate a fantastic and unique run for 7 years in the theaters I listed 3 moments from the 3 movies – as well as a special mention – to highlight why I think that this trilogy stands tall above most blockbusters