Inception keeps on spinning!

UPDATE: Inception passed the 200 million dollars mark!

Great news boxoffice-wise: Inception is number 1!

Audiences around the world rewarded Inception for trying something new and inventive by pushing the movie to the top. In America’s case this means that Inception has spent three consecutive weeks on top, prevailing against movies that relied on action and their starpower (Salt) or on the cheap gimmicks of talking animals and 3D (Cats and Dogs 2).
With 197 million dollars it has passed Matrix Revolutions and the original Matrix (unadjusted for Inflation of course).
Inception dropped only 32% in its second week, which is remarkable for a blockbuster since most of them drop about 50% in their second week, yet it should also be noted that most blockbusters have a way bigger opening than Inception (Dark Knight had more than twice the opening weekend of Inception).
In its third weekend Inception fell 35.7%, refusing to give the high ground to the three newcomers Cats and Dogs, Dinner for Schmucks and Charlie St. Cloud. The movie is obviously profiting from the fact that in order to completely understand it you have to see it at least two times plus Christopher Nolan’s movies are always movies that give you a different experience when watching the second time because we are watching the actions of the characters from a different perspective.

Inception is the fourth movie to spend 3 weeks at the top this year and the first 2d release to do that since The Dark Knight and Tropic Thunder, if it still has legs it could be possible that it reaches the 300 million mark – again it would be the first 2d movie to do it this year and it would probably give Christopher Nolan the financial background to do Batman 3 in 2d – please financial movie god hear our prayers!

But the most impressive fact comes from Inception’s opening in Austria and Germany.
For some strange reason whoever is in charge for movie distribution decided that it would be a wise thing to pit the only two quality movies (Inception and Toy Story 3) against each other by releasing them the same week. So the Austrian summer is basically a string of average to bad movies, then we have a week of pure awesomeness and then we are left to wait again… brilliant.

Putting Inception against the high awaited sequel of a beloved children’s series that is also in THREE DEEE seemed like suicide, yet the numbers show some interesting things:

Toy Story – 3 527,436 $
Inception – 736,814 $

Toy Story 3 – 4,171,318 $
Inception –  7,053,929 $

You are not dreaming! Despite the fact that Inception lacked the 3d gimmick to charge extra money it still beat an established, highly acclaimed brand!
Maybe there is still hope for the movie future and maybe we can see Batman 3 in beautiful Imax 2d!


Here’s a music comparision between “Je ne regrette rien” and Hans Zimmer’s Inception Score, thanks Toni


P.P.S.: BIG SPOILERS AHEAD! Collegehumor has created an extended ending for Inception:


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