Christopher Nolan preparing to flip the truck again…. in 2d!

Batman 3 has a title:


According to Herocomplex
Christopher Nolan is playing it close to the chest (as always).
Furthermore he dismisses the rumours of the Riddler being the main (something that was claimed to be a fact by “inside-sources” shortly before Inception).

Of course the speculations will now run wild. There are already Killer-Croc-is-the-new-villain-threads, the people who have been speculating on Hugo Strange since Dark Knight will be assured that this means Hugo… and of course I will see this as evidence that Black Mask will be the main baddie.

But there is no villain confirmed yet.
And no Johnny Depp isn’t the Riddler.
No Philip Seymour Hoffman won’t be the Penguin.
And so on…

The only thing we do know is that Tom Hardy (who was my personal hero in Inception) will have a role in the movie… doesn’t mean he’s the villain, maybe he’s a new cop in Gordon’s department or the new DA, after all the last one is probably not in the best condition to continue with his career.

But the best news yet is:
The Dark Knight Rises won’t be 3atman 3D!
It will be in good old fashioned 2D!
Here we see how much influence Christopher Nolan has, when all the other movies are converted or filmed in 3D he can refuse to do so. After The Dark Knight (1 billion dollars) and Inception (815 million) Warner Brothers know that it’s best to let him do his job.

July 20th 2012 can’t come soon enough…

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