Joker in Dark Knight Rises – DEBUNKED

Thankfully in the age of fast information a stupid rumor like this gets debunked as fast as possible, there will be NO CGI JOKER in The Dark Knight Rises.

And the rumors are growing larger and larger since there is no more Johnny Depp as the Riddler or Eddie Murphy as the Riddler to post there is a “news” that Christopher Nolan will use CGI and unused footage to insert the Joker into the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises.

Now before we all shout this around and nod our heads knowingly at the “hottest, newest information on Batman” we should realize that The Dark Knight Rises is of course a big draw for ones website.

And the fact that there are still no news about this movie makes combined with the fact is enhanced by the fact that Nolan’s last two movies are both in the top 25 of the worldwide movie boxoffice  – so we all know that the anticipation for TDKR will be leagues above Little Fockers and everything, so every new information becomes more attractive, the title alone combined with the “No Riddler, no 3d”-statement created already enough online activity that matches the buzz for other movies when they release their trailer.

So please remember: this “inside source” is no proof of anything, there were “inside sources” already claiming that the Riddler would be the main villain in Batman 3 before the title was released and we all know how that worked out. It was a gamble by the hosters of the site because Riddler seemed sure so they could cement their credibility and proclaim that they have been the first to post this (kinda like those annoying posters who need to write “First” as fast as possible).

So right now I could say an inside source told me that Black Mask would be in Dark Knight Rises – let’s see if my gambling pays off…

Another thing about Heath Ledger’s return:
The thing that really makes it sound like a filler article is the fact that replacing Ledger with CGI and unused footage was one of the typical fanboy (me included) speculations after Dark Knight came out.

But you should ask yourself: do you prefer watching the Dark Knight with Ledger at his finest hour and a new Batman heading into a new direction standing on its own feet or a new Batman that tries to cash in on our nostalgia and fanboy wishes and just reminds us how much we love Dark Knight?

If anything Dark Knight Rises must not try to imitate the Dark Knight and a CGI Ledger replica would not only be a pale imitation of Ledger it would also really detract from the story – just think how much many people liked that Iron Man 2 was a promotion for the Avengers instead of a consistent story.

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