Star Wars Blu Ray in 2011

The neverending story of Star Wars’s rerelases will continue as next September Lucas will unleash his Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray, undoubtedly with a lot of trailers for the upcoming Star Wars 3D in 2012 and don’t forget to get your Star Wars 3D Blu Rays after paying for the 3D movie release and getting your Blu Ray box – you got to give it to Lucas, he really knows how to market and resell his movies.


The trailer made me realize the crass image difference between the two trilogies, while obvious from the beginning I needed those abrupt cuts between the two trilogies to really see the difference, fortunately it looks as if Lucas has not (yet) replaced Yoda in Episode V with CGI – something most Star Wars fans are fearing since Lucas is known for changing stuff with his rerelases (translated: shoving additional CGI crap into our faces).

But who needs to wait when one can get the non-offensive, perfectly restored Episode IV that removes all the offensive stuff added in 1997 and keeps the good part.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited will also be available somewhere this year in HD in multiple languages and if you want to see Empire in it’s original beautiful color correction, then I’d say you google Empire Strikes Back 1080p color corrected…

Here’s a glimpse of what will be changed in Star Wars V: Revisited:

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