And Update: Shit Rumor as usual!

Update: Comic book movie news made the news up, since the link to it seems no longer to be working  – what a surprise.

Hey: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been spotted and apparently he’s putting on some weight for the role of The Penguin. Also Schwarzenegger is said to have a cameo as Dr. Victor Fries.

You heard it here first.


There was the announcment that this week we would see some major Bat-news, but buyer beware:

The current news comes not directly from Warner Brothers and could be just another infamous rumor:

According to this article Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are confirmed for The Dark Knight Rises as:

Talia al Ghul
Roman Sionis (Black Mask)

Let’s wait if we get any confirmation from an official site.
I was hoping for Sionis/Black Mask but when it was announced that the villain would be Bane I was fine with it.

Now IF this is true (and to quote Aldo the Apache “And that’s one big if”) there would be four characters after Bruce Wayne.

And IF this is true, it doesn’t mean that Nolan will go with a conventional team up.
Maybe Sionis and Talia won’t be that big of roles and they might fill in the shoes of the gotham underworld getting slowly changed. Sionis is a great character since he despises the likes of Bruce Wayne and Talia can be tied to Batman Begins.

But I guess we no longer live in the Burton/Schumacher times, which means that a character doesn’t necessarily have to be the spotlight the entire movie for an eventual team up, just look how Dark Knight handled Two-Face, there was no “Hey Joker let’s get together and kill the bat”.

If they go with different motivations then Sionis can be a Maroni/Falcone type of character, providing the ressources for Bane or something else entirely.

According to Michael Caine (always with a grain of salt to take since he also talked about Johnny Depp being the Riddler) Nolan is not yet finished with the script.

Other sources say he’s finished the first draft and now has to trim it because it is very long.

Let’s wait until we get official confirmation.

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  1. bbb
    16. Februar 2011

    A script is finished when the end credits are rolling on the screen ;)

    yeah, every fanboy says that cottillard will play talia, and I have heard some news that Levitt will play Falcone´s son (from “The Long Halloween”), taking over the family business.

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