Final Oscar Breakdown:

The ceremony

Was actually pretty boring. They cut a lot of montages, but decided to still include the always tedious songs. It was not really that humorous or anything, so combined with the fact that the big nominations (after the director win if people started to have doubts like I did) were pretty forseeable, the entire ceremony was kind of dull.

But since the livestream was not available for people outside of the U.S. (fuck you America) and I have no television in my building (fuck you France) I had to watch the entire thing via Skype through a webcam of a canadian friend of mine who was kind enough to direct her laptop at the screen – so even if it wasn’t the most exciting ceremony for me it was for sure the most bizarre ceremony I have yet witnessed.

The big winners

Leading with four wins in the big categories (Director, Picture, Actor and original Screenplay) The King’s Speech was the winner everyone had predicted. Interestingly it was not a Royal Sweep as I had feared which resulted in some pleasant surprises.


The Social Network grabbed the trophies for Editing, Score and adapted Screenplay.

Pleasant surprise: Inception grabbing four trophies – Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Special Effects and (very surprisingly) Cinematography for Wally Pfister.

Bale did not get snubbed for the Fighter and Melissa Leo got the supporting Actress trophy, while Portman got Best Actress – I have to say this year I more or less agree with all the acting categories and all four performances are well deserved.

Toy Story 3 did not score big except animated movie and song (for whatever reason) and at the final Oscar montage (that was cut to the title giving King’s Speech) it was (at least I felt like it was) the movie that was least represented.

Two Oscars went to Tim Burton’s disaster Alice in Wonderland.

The big losers

True Grit – scoring zero out of ten nominations has to be a hard blow, apparently the movie was well received but not strong enough in any category.

No win for 127 hours either but if you head against the King’s Speech that is to expect.

Technically Winter’s Bone could be considered a loser since it didn’t score anything either, but for a movie like this the nominations were already considered a big win and I just hope peopl will still check out the great performances of Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes.

Other things

Banksy did not win, the best documentary went to Inside Job.

Personal Score

18/24 – might have counted wrong since I’m dead tired and I just hope I can get up in one hour for my course.

Where I’ve been wrong:

Foreign Language Film (In a better world), Cinematography (Inception), Art Decoration (Alice in Wonderland), Documentary and Animated Short (The Lost Thing), Make up (Wolfman), Score (The Social Network) – well it’s better than last year’s result.

List of winners:

The King’s Speech
Best Picture
Original Screenplay

Sound Mixing
Sound Editing
Visual Effects

The Social Network

The Fighter
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress

Alice in Wonderland
Art Decoration’
Costume Design

Toy Story 3
Animated Feature
Original Song

Black Swan

In a better World
Foreign Language

The Lost Thing
Animated Short

The Wolf Man

Strangers no more
Documentary short

God of love
Live action short

Inside Job

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  1. hulksmash
    28. Februar 2011

    Inception did incredibly good, I thought it would end beeing a underdog (even if it was a great success).
    Wish Tron would’ve get one…but srsly why The King’s Speech?

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