Oscar live!

Two wrongs and happy about it:

Alice in Wonderland for Art Decoration


seriously, how great ist that? I hope I keep being wrong..

First right:
Melissa Leo for Best Supporting Actress

Best animated short:
The lost thing – again wrong :D

Best animated feature:
Do I really have to type?

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Aaron Sorkin got a well deserved screenplay trophy for Aaron Sorkin

Best Original Screenplay:
The King’s Speech

Foreign Language Film:
In a better World – I should really stick with the usual frontrunners

Supporting Actor:
CHRISTIAN BALE, looking like Jesus

Original Score:
Wrong again and glad: The Social Network

Sound Mixing:

Sound Editing:

Make Up:
The Wolf Man – wrong again

Costume Design:
Alice in Wonderland

Wow…. it’s stagnating…. sooooongs… soooongs, the show stands still.
Why did they cut the montages when they could have cut down the songs…

Documentary Short:
Strangers no more – dumb luck on my part

Live Action Short:
God of love – ditto

Inside Job – …. it’s all about Brainwash

Visual Effects:
Go Inception go!
Iron Man presenting the VFX-Oscar = Awesome
4/8 for Inception!

The Social Network

Original Song:
Noooo…. not again songs… screw the songs! You don’t make a costume parade either, so why are you singing….
O.k. it’s almost five a.m…. but hey after this category it’s finally going to be director, I don’t dare hope for an upset… but seriously, why not?
Toy Story 3

I so hope I’m wrong about the next category.

Oh no…. more singing, I thought Celine Dion went down with the Titanic… sorry my mistake, the Titanic lady is not longer among us.
Nielsen, Postlethwaite, Kerschner, Hopper… wow, normally usually I only know one or two guys in those tributes…

Kathryn Bigelow presenting, yay!
I hate being right – Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech, well the rest is now just formula.

Natalie Portman

Colin Firth

The King’s Speech

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