Tron 3 Viral Teaser

Now I saw this video a while back, but with the Tron Blu Rays hitting the american market (release in Germany/Austria/Swiss: June 1st) and Tron: Legacy finally reaching the 400 million dollars mark I found it a nice time to repost that video.


Apparantly there is more of this on the DVD/Blu Ray/Monster 5-Disc-identitiy-disc-set which I think makes for a nice addition to round the package.

The message “Flynn lives” stems from the viral marketing game of the same name. I only read a few things about the marketing, but searching for the teaser above I found this very nice video that sums up how much happened to promote this movie in a viral way:


I haven’t found time to complete a full Tron Legacy review since I like this movie, but it is very flawed, so for the time being here’s (a little late) the moviequation for Tron: Legacy

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