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UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter there will be budget constraints and script rewrites… I hope the speculation at the bottom of the article is just guessing by THR.

Good news Everyone!
Well kinda…

After the project The Dark Tower ran into some problems because of budget reasons people started seeing the Tower crumble. Would it mean that this project was just too big and expensive for Universal to handle?

Well according to Deadline this is not the case!
Dark Tower will continue to be made, but the production that was supposed to start this summer will be delayed to February 2012 which will also mean that The Dark Tower probably won’t hit the screen in 2013 as planned, but to be honest I can live with that as long as it gets going.

Also the article mentions that they have to greenlight this project come July or the rights will revert back to Stephen King.

I have read opinions that The Dark Tower should just stop the movie-route and follow the footsteps of the current TV-Series Game of Thrones based on the overlong series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

While the TV-setting allows the authors to dive more into the characters and spend more time I am still more excited about the prospect of combining TV and cinema. Currently TV has a great run with complex and well written programs like Dexter, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and so much more going on because as many others have pointed out: TV cannot afford to trick us with cheap trailers to watch the episode, they know that they have to be good enough for people to return next week unlike movie sequels that hide the bad reviews until opening weekend to quickly rob us.

A book like The Dark Tower that spans multiple worlds of narratives is in my eyes the best candidate to break new ground and as Deadline perfectly puts it:

The original plan by Universal, to mount a movie trilogy and limited-run TV series, is arguably the most ambitious Hollywood project since New Line and Peter Jackson shot three installments of The Lord of the Rings in one long shoot.

I know it is my inner fanboy but I think The Dark Tower deserves to be ambitious risky and groundbreaking.

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