3rd Green Lantern Trailer Aired

Yahoo.com unveiled yet another Green Lantern Trailer, you can download it here in 480p or in HD here.


The trailer is a full on assault on the sci-fi/fantasy setting of Green Lantern, focusing on the homeplanet Oa and the central conflict of fear (yellow) vs willpower (green). Before showing us some bits of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds).

Also Collider.com has brought a few interesting Green Lantern set visits and interviews with director Martin Campbell, Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan), Mark Strong (Sinestro) as well as Geoff Johns (writer) and other people from the costume and production design department. They restore some hope for me. Warner Brothers has announced that they will spend an additional 9 million dollars on special effects post production so I see this as a good sign: if this movie would be a trainwreck they wouldn’t spend more money on polishing the turd, they would just bring it out and try not to lose more money on it.

Also Martin Campbell stated that he will not return for Green Lantern 2 but seeing as he didn’t return for the sequel of Golden Eye or Casino Royale I take this as a sign that he wants to go on to different projects, nothing to worry about.

Green Lantern will arrive 17th of June in the USA and UK, german speaking countries have to wait until 28th of July.




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