Watch Bane and Batman fight (Update: Tom Hardy Interview)

UPDATE: Tom Hardy talks about his role in Dark Knight Rises
The shooting for The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburg has started and there is a lot happening.Here’s a rundown of what happened in Pittsburg:

Bane stealing the Tumbler?
After filming three Tumblers rolling in fans got a picture of Tom Hardy in his Bane costume.

Now if you look to the bottom you can see the Tumbler, so apparently Christopher Nolan used a throwaway line in Batman Begins for The Dark Knight Rises:

During combat two of these would jump over a river…

This phrase was uttered by Lucius Fox (Morgan “Shoot the wings off the fly” Freeman) and there always was speculation if there was another model of the tumbler and if so if it would reappear after the Joker destroyed Bruce’s tank in The Dark Knight.

Now it seems as if Bane was quicker than Bruce (and that probably means a new toy for Bruce Wayne) and got the Tumbler – who knows, in the comics Bane’s intellect (which is on par with Bruce’s) helped him to deduce Batman’s true identity and maybe this will happen in The Dark Knight Rises… after all the Joker didn’t really care for those things at the end of Dark Knight and Liam Neeson always knew it so the storyline of the villain uncovering the identity is still untouched in Nolan’s universe.

For a further treat some fans have made a video of a massive scene shooting in Pittsburg where you see Batman and Bane fighting:



This scene is interesting for a lot of things, it is basically a prevue of things to come. The scale is big and while I am not blown away by the videos I am sure that with Pfister’s camera the fight will be a treat to watch and the fact that they are using real locations once again adds to the authenticity of the Bat.

Also it seems to be set in winter (while shooting in summer, oh movie magic) and personally I can’t wait to watch Nolan tackling a different climate with this film – or will the story be set over long periods of time?
Who knows, all bets are off!

The great thing is while those pictures and videos might seem like giant spoilers they just add to my confusion about what this movie can and will be about.

The league of Shadows?
From the moment Gary Oldman said that the screenplay would bring the series full circle the talk about a possible return of the League of Shadows from Batman Begins could not be stopped – the casting of Marion Cotillard further stirred speculation that she might be playing Talia al Ghul (daughter of Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul).
Those speculations took a bump when Cotillard’s character was announced as Miranda Tate:

a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s
philanthropic endeavors for Gotham

Well there was still an ongoing speculation that this was just a red hering and that Miranda would turn out to be Talia, after all didn’t Neeson say “we have invaded every level of the city’s infrastructure”?

And newest photos of Cotillard don’t really help settling the dispute:

Check out more pictures on superherohype.
Is she being abducted? Or is she working with them?
Can this picture be a spoiler or is it here to deliberately screw with our heads?

And I must say I am amazed with the detailed fancoverage this movie is getting, be sure to check if you want the fastest and probably best coverage for The Dark Knight Rises on the web.

See you soon when more news about one of the most anticipated (if not the most anticipated movie) of 2012 rises.

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