Star Trek will go to Warp very soon UPDATED Abrams directs!

In 2009 J.J. Abrams (Super 8) not only resurrected a 40-years old franchise, he delivered one of the best Star Trek movies (at least according to everyone who did not worship Deep Space Nine), so with that and the motivating ending a sequel was a sure thing… but nothing seemed to happen.

But now Abrams swears that Star Trek will start filming in winter. It is very doubtful they will make a summer 2012 release as planned, but why hurry? Why not make it like Avatar and release a blockbuster around christmas when people have less to do and more time and money to spend?

Also better a long pause and restart with energy than rushing it and giving us Iron Man 2.

To end with a bad pun they shall make it so!


Trekmovie now reports that J.J. has finally been confirmed to direct Star Trek XII.

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