New Dark Knight Rises Rumor makes it even more interesting

Well that is a story that doesn’t say anything yet makes everything more exciting. Apparently there is some tweeting going on that the ending of The Dark Knight Rises will allegedly be done completely with Visual Effects.

Is this a result of Nolan’s ultra secrecy? Or is it just a rumor?
There have been already a lot of stories about Nolan not giving the ending of the Screenplay to actors, so many fans have even started thinking that those stories are more marketing push than actual truths. To be honest it seems far-fetched that “only 4 people” know about the ending as Batman-News reports, but maybe that just means 4 people know the exact lines and the camera team just knows when to be there…

For some reasons this rumor intrigues me more than many other great revelation stories about The Dark Knight Rises.

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