The Shining gets a sequel

Under the title Dr. Sleep Stephen King will return to one of his most popular stories: The Shining.

The sequel will be called Dr. Sleep, and it will follow The Shining‘s young protagonist, Danny, 30 years after the incident at the Overlook Hotel. Danny now uses his psychic powers to literally ease the minds of terminally-ill patients in hospice care. Things get twisted when vampires show up – most likely viewing the the place as the perfect buffet, if we had to guess – and Psychic vs. Vampire battle ensues?

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On his website Stephen King has hinted at a sequel to Shining for a long time now, but before that he decided to return to the world of Roland Deschain. It seems as if this project is now due and the premise reads crazy as hell.

As King is my one of my (if my not my) favorite authors I am interested, although I have no idea what he has in store. It seems like a completely new story that he has in retrospect linked to Shining – or maybe it was an idea he wanted to use in the original and never could? We’ll see.

Here’s a video of him reading an excerp:


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