Avengers – Short Review

Marvel’s big four year plan has come to its conclusion. There will be a very detailed analysis for the review series Assembling the Avengers but for the time being let’s have a quick review:


Perfectly calculated Marvel’s The Avengers doesn’t do much new and is a servicable summer blockbuster – the thing that keeps bugging me is that I am not sure the 4 year build up justifies a movie that is just o.k.

Fans will love the hell out of it and the less you think about it the better the ride will be or in the words of Roger Ebert:

It provides its fans with exactly what they desire. Whether it is exactly what they deserve is arguable.

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Der Host des Flipthetruck Podcasts. Mit einem Fokus auf Science Fiction und Roboter sucht er ständig jene Mainstream Filme, die sich nicht als reine Unterhaltungsfilme zufrieden geben.

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  1. 11. Mai 2012

    I had this unconfortable moment when i was sitting there in the cinema with my girlfriend, and the story had to start with this strange warp hole scene and this world-of warcraft-character-look-alike Loki appeared. The movie didnt entertane me at all until they started to introduce the main characterer. In the end I got what I expected, and what I told my gf the movie would be like! A typical superhero action comedy film.

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