6 movies to pass the time until The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is less than a week away and now it is time to quit the internet. To stop looking at clips and shut yourself off from spoilers. Seriously we have come this far, we don’t want the ending spoiled don’t we?

So while Batman-News has run a great piece on how to avoid spoilers for the last week of Batman. I thought of another way to pass the time. So for each remaining day I have compiled a movie suggestion to delve deeper into the world of Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

This movie list should answer a lot of questions regarding the Batman universe that the Nolan movies sadly missed out on:

Saturday July 14th


Mr. Fox is the wise eminence at Wayne Enterprises. He seems to know everything and his tools seem to work against the laws of physics. But his calm narrating voice lulls us in and makes us believe everything he says.

But why is that?
In Bruce Almighty – the semi-biography of Mr. Fox – the true nature of Fox is revealed as the Lord Father himself. Up to now comic book fans have hated Nolan for excluding this pivotal backstory from Batman Begins because it was not “realistic enough” according to Nolan.

It probably won’t be until the eventual reboot of Batman to get things right and portray Fox the way he should be.

Bruce Almighty

Sunday July 15th


Five dead – two of them cops…

Who are the five people who were killed by Harvey Dent?

It certainly was not Maroni, since he survived the car crash. Fleeing from Gotham City before the Joker’s big attack Maroni used his mob-money to finance an enormous fortress set on an island. His goal? To get the best fighters together, study their fighting style and develop the perfect fighting method.

Everything with the aim of returning to Gotham City and breaking the Dark Knight. Yet thankfully Batman evaded his certain defeat due to the help of some sparely dressed female fighters.

Dead or Alive

Monday July 16th


Due to running time the Scarecrow appeared fully formed in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. Jonathan Crane was not always a lunatic. Once he was a successful business man. Following in his fathers footsteps Robert Fischer was about to become the worlds leading man on the energy sector. It was not until the late R’as al Ghul (disguised as Mr. Saito) hired a few con men to brainwash him.

The plan?
Ruin Fischer industries so that Gotham would lose its biggest chance source for energy source, causing a depression to financially ruin Gotham City.

The idea that Fischer would break up his fathers empire was planted in his mind.

And it worked.

It worked so well Fischer became obsessed with the idea of not following into his father’s footsteps. After he liquidated Fischer Industries he even went as far as changing his name and creating his alter Ego Jonathan Crane. Crane would soon start working in Arkham Asylum.

So eventually the League got both – Fischer out of their way and a trusted yet crazy ally on the inside of Arkham.


Tuesday July 17th


I was not always here in the mountains.
Once I had a wife.
My great love.
She was… taken from me…

Who was Ducard before he became R’as al Ghul?

He was by no means innocent. Before he worked himself upwards to the leading man of the League of Shadows Ducard was working for the CIA. Financed by the American government he aquired a special set of skills. Skills that made him a nightmare.

And when his family was Taken… he had to go after them.

Until he lost them and the pain became unbearable.

What stopped it?



Wednesday July 18th


Alfred is a bit of an Enigma in the Batman Saga. Yes, we know that he has been in Burma and there was something involving a tangerine. We also know that Alfred is an ex-soldier but there still seems to be material to fill volumes of Alfred backstory.

So it won’t surprise you that Mr. Pennyworth has been an airplane pilot back in the late 80s. Known as Hoagie back in the days he worked with marine biologists near the island of Amity – which soon fell under attack. Facing the threat of an enormous shark-attack Alfred did his best and even lost his plane to the beast of the seas.

Yet – why do we fall?
He picked himself up and in the end got rid of the monster.

So the next time Alfred burns down a forrest, remember that he was also a shark killer. So he knows what he is talking about.

Jaws 4: The Revenge

Thursday July 19th


When Thomas and Martha Wayne got shot down in Crime Alley Wayne Enterprises was in need of a new CEO. William Earle filled this place until Bruce Wayne returned. After having acquired majority share of Wayne Enterprises Bruce put his company into the hands of god (see Saturday) and fired Earle.

This is what we saw.
What we didn’t see was the sad future of Earle. After having lost everything that he had built up over the last seven years he descended into an alcohol filled rage. He lost his wife, his home, all his money and became another hobo on the streets.
Witnessing injustice on the streets he found his new purpose. Much like Bruce Wayne he became a symbol. But where Bruce became Batman Earle would become…

Hobo with a Shotgun

Friday 20th

You made it…. now go watch The Dark Knight Rises god damn it!

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