Godzilla to destroy everything on May 16th 2014

So the reboot wave continues. Warner Brothers has announced that the mutated lizard/dinosaur/something will return in a reboot on May 16th 2014. Directed by Gareth Edwards (the man responsible for the small budget movie Monsters) I am  curious to what might be in store.

The fact that  it will be in 3D is not the greatest thing to read but with Godzilla it can either be decent or (hopefully) an incredible trashfest. Although seeing how well Edwards made Monsters I hope he is onto something with his “realistic” approach.

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  1. 15. September 2012

    While a lot of people seemed to evoke the good ol’ shitstorm regarding Monsters, I really, really enjoyed that movie and the clever and original take on monster movies. In that sense, Edwards might be a great choice for a Godzilla update. But I guess Warner Bros. and everybody behind the flick will insist on bigerbiggerbigger. Still looking forward to watching it.

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