Star Wars Revisited: Battle of Hoth Clip Revealed

Banner from the swrevisited-blog
Banner from the swrevisited-blog

Star Wars: Revisited is one of the most ambitious fan-projects one can find on the internet. If you are unaware of the tweaks that George Lucas has made there is a very entertaining documentary. Bottom line is that not everyone is happy about the changes that George Lucas applied in his 1997 Special Editon (and subsequent releases).

Instead of complaining user Adywan (British fellow named Adrian Sayce) from decided to smoothen out the problems he has with Lucas’s additions while adding some of his own effects. In Adywan’s mind upgrading some old special effects is not that bad an idea – if it is done with respect to the source movies.

Rough tranlsation: updates are nice as long as they are not CGI-monster shoved into our faces. Adywan has already released Star Wars –  A New Hope: Revisited and has been working on The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited for about 3 years now (talk about devotion). The release of The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited might be this year and to celebrate a successful donation drive to garner money for re-building models for the movie Adywan has released a clip of the updated Battle of Hoth:

The clip is downloadable from Vimeo and if you are interested in what has changed here is a comparison video:

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