Alternate Star Trek Teaser and some Story-Information

An alternate version of the Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser has surfaced. It is the one that is attached to Oz: The Great and Powerful so it is geared towards the younger audience featuring more running, whacky looks and less Cumberbatch brooding and vowing revenge:


There also was a screening of the first 38 minutes in Brazil where some plot details have surfaced so if you don’t want to read spoilers look away:

The basic plot points of the 38 minutes seem to be (more details here):

  • Kirk will violate the Prime Directive to save Spock which will cause him his rank as captain
  • Pike will become Captain of the Enterprise, Kirk his Commander and Spock will be reassigned to a different ship
  • An attack onto London related to the character who gets an offer by Cumberbatch in the prologue
  • Big Starfleet meeting with an attack by Cumberbatch

The speculations continue over the Khan-identity of Cumberbatch’s John Harrison (is it an alias or not?) and the Prequel comics that have been released for the movie don’t make it clearer. Apparently Alice Eve’s character Carol Marcus is related to an Admiral Marcus (played by Peter Weller) who gets mentioned in the prequel comic.

The prequel comic (2 out of 4)

So the quick story of this prequel comic Countdown into Darkness is that the Shuttle of the Enterprise gets shot down by a culture that shouldn’t be this advanced. It turns out that this previously primitive culture has been receiving Federation weapons by Robert April – the previous Captain of the Enterprise.

Taken from
Taken from

It turns out that April equipped the Aliens with weapons to save them from the tyrannical reign of another species on this planet. This means a direct violation of the Prime Directive which forbids interference with technologically less advanced species.

Seeing how the Prime Directive is also violated by Kirk in the new movie it will be interesting how this prequel comic will tie into Star Trek Into Darkness as right now. Compared to the prequel comic for Stark Trek which was a straightforward origin story of the villain this comic right now has little ties to the movie other than the theme and the name Marcus who seems to be secretly helping April with shipping weapons to this planet.

So two more issues to go and still no clue what Star Trek Into Darkness will be about – I love the marketing for this movie.

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