Say my name… Lex Luthor? You’re goddamn right?

yeah mr white

It will probably take a while for all the waves to soften. After the announcement of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman the internet was full with preconceived notions of what this meant for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. And interestingly more people had a problem with Ben Affleck than with Zack Snyder meeting a radical nutjob to consult for the story. But no matter what you think one thing is sure: this movie will be huuuuuge.

Thousands of enraged fanboys signing petitions to make it illegal for Ben Affleck to star in the movie adds to the free promotion of this movie and will keep the sequel to Man of Steel on top of any discussion table for quite a while.

Now the next rumor/news broke that the initial rumors about Bryan Cranson (Breaking Bad, Argo) might turn true as well and that Cranston will signed (has signed?) for a six picture deal to play Superman’s arch nemesis Lex Luthor ( via

Cosmicbooknews speculates that it will become official once Breaking Bad has finished. Apparently Mark Strong (who was also meeting for the part) did not make the cut because he already played the villain Sinestro in the disastrous Green Lantern.

I truly hope that this news turns out to be true. Cranston is an imposing threatening character and his physique will rule out a Lex Luthor who trains himself to use a syfy battle suit to punch Superman. So Cranston will hopefully be a brainy Lex Luthor who is more an intellectual foe than a physical one.

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