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It’s October 31st!

And times are a bit stressful so I was unable to finish the Chucky series in time. And since I didn’t want to rant about Seed of Chucky on Halloween. Like Christmas Halloween is a time to be joyful – terrified to death as well… but joyful) because it is a magic night. So I will take this time to squeeze in two quick reviews of movies I have seen this year but didn’t review yet: 

The Conjuring
James Wan (Saw, Insidious) has come a long way and compared to many other horror directors he has actually improved upon himself. It would have been easy to write of Wan as the guy who did Saw but with Insidious making a lot of money (and getting a sequel this year) and The Conjuring he has proven that he knows a lot about how horror works.

The Conjuring is an old school haunted house movie about a family wrestling with a demon. The family hires the Warrens (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) who are paranormal investigators. Much like the Amityville Horror this movie uses supposedly “true” stories as a framing device to promise us an investigation that the Warrens didn’t even mention it to the public.

The movie combines a lot of old school scare effect with well done camerawork and has a suprisingly solid third act – a feat that many horror movies fail to have. It isn’t groundbreaking but has little to no weak spots. The christian theme might rub some people the wrong way but while I am not a spiritual person I think that in horror every kind of belief is justified. After all: if there are devils we can only hope that there are also angels to protect us.

The Conjuring is one of those well done movies that you can show to a large group of people who are not that versed into horror stories to have a frightening evening – so it’s a perfect movie for a Halloween DVD-night.


Of course you can still skip The Conjuring and watch Trick ‘r Treat instead!

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