Goldsman says the Dark Tower is not moving along – in other news Sandman is

Akiva Goldsman recently spoke about The Dark Tower – which he is still attached to as writer. While he pretty much only confirmed that the project is not really moving along:

It’s not officially back on and we will never let it go – until Stephen takes it away from us. [Laughs]

When asked about whether they were already making casting decisions (hinting at the rumors of Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean) for the picture he answered with:

No, but I love reading about it!

Source: Collider

Currently Goldsman’s Winter’s Tale – which he wrote, prodcued and directed – is in cinemas in the United States and solely judging from the reception on Rottentomatoes (13% based on 128 reviews) I can only say “let’s hope Goldsman leaves The Dark Tower alone – something I keep saying since he was attached as writer, but now I think the benefit of the doubt is gone for me.

To make this article a bit less depressing:


The acclaimed comic series Sandman (by Neil Gaiman) has gotten a writer: According to Deadline (via Superherohype) Jack Thorne (This is England (series), How I Live Now) is attached to write a screenplay based on the pitch by David Goyer (Man of Steel, Blade Trinity) and produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from pretty much any movie that is out there).

So while The Dark Tower is more than unlikely to happen any time soon the Sandman-story is crazy and creative enough and I hope that at least one of those two projects takes off and captures the essence and strangeness of the source materials.

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