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31. Januar 2014 / / Batman
The Luthor Network
The Luthor Network

Say what you want about Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman vs. Lex Luthor but there is rarely a news that is unsurprising (the jury on good or bad is still out). And the two new casting announcements are no different. Introducing the new Lex Luthor and Alfred:

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Jeremy Irons (Margin Call)!

Hit the jump for comments by Zack Snyder on the casting.

14. Juli 2012 / / Batman

The Dark Knight Rises is less than a week away and now it is time to quit the internet. To stop looking at clips and shut yourself off from spoilers. Seriously we have come this far, we don’t want the ending spoiled don’t we?

So while Batman-News has run a great piece on how to avoid spoilers for the last week of Batman. I thought of another way to pass the time. So for each remaining day I have compiled a movie suggestion to delve deeper into the world of Christopher Nolan’s Batman.