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24. Februar 2013 / / Analysen

Tonight’s the night! And it will be a wild and unpredictable night!
Tonight the Oscar goes to….?
As with last year I have sat down with ExistentialCoffee to pin down our votes for the evening. If we agreed on one tip it will be listed as our prediction Will Win whereas different colors for Flipthetruck and ExistentialCoffee will. Should have been there and Should Win categories are added for fun whereas Could Win categories mark the one’s which might take home the gold.
Please note that I am notoriously bad at predictions and while this article might sound very confident (and probably full of itself/pretentious) I am taking a stab in the dark many times (director, supporting actor, original screenplay mainly) – the percentage at the side is just how sure we feel about this guess so don’t take them as laws of nature. This year has been a crazy race especially due to the omission of Ben Affleck and it will be a fun evening, I am sure.

If you are interested in continuous self-indulgent whining by flipthetruck you can follow my reactions on twitter.

So, it is only a few hours before the show begins and I am ready!

23. Februar 2013 / / Oscars

amour banner

Amour is the story of an elderly married couple. We follow Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emanuelle Riva) as they live their quiet retired life. Everything seems fine until the moment when Anne does not respond to Georges and seems to be mentally absent. A few moments later she comes back to her senses but has no knowledge of what just happened.

The doctors diagnose a blocked artery as the cause for this and Anne undergoes surgery – which unfortunately goes wrong and leaves her partially paralyzed. The rest of the film is Georges caring for his wife and what immense sacrifice the title giving Amour demands from people.

11. Februar 2013 / / Oscars

argo you know what

I have mentioned it in the Oscar-Podcast but I don’t grow tired of saying it: Oscar season is like the super-sport event for movie fans. The same way you root for your football team to make it all the way until the finals the same way you are rooting for your favorite film (or against your least favorite film).

Aside from the individual guild awards (most notable for the big predictions are producers, directors, screenactors and screenwriters guild) the BAFTA-Awards (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) are another award show which might affect the Oscar-outcome or at least point towards some possible winners in categories which are still unsure.

So after having spent the night refreshing the awards-sites to find out who won (due to not being able to receive BBC1 or BBC3) here are some quick thoughts about some winners and how this might play into the big Oscar-race (full list of winners can be found over at incontention).

4. Februar 2013 / / Oscars
4. Februar 2013 / / Oscars

Note: Currently the site is undergoing some changes so links might not work, sites might crash, pictures might dispappear, podcasts might not be shown, children might die and the world might stop spinning

Other than that:

It is Oscar season! And this means a lot of interesting movies to review:

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Lés Miserables
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

This sticky post will collect reviews of movies that are nominated for this Oscar season… some have been covered in the Oscar Nominations Podcast and some are still to come! Continue for all nine moviequations:

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