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25. Januar 2017 / / Reviews

Dies könnte eine Kritik zu Mel Gibsons neuem Film sein, aber leider ist es meine Überzeugung, dass er keine verdient hat.

Am letzten Tag der kräftezehrenden Viennale gehen Anne-Marie und Michael ein wenig die Puste aus. Daher begnügen sie sich mit einem amerikanischen Genre-Film.

19. April 2014 / / Reviews

Banner Spiderman

After 2012’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise (The Amazing Spider-Man) Mark Webb returns for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Where the first movie was trying to emulate the style Christopher Nolan’s hyper-real Batman reimagining, this movie goes full into comic book mode, boasting colorful villains, giant action setpieces and an abundance of trouble for the hero Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). And while the movie doesn’t reinvent the wheel – or convert any people who aren’t already on board of the superhero train – it offers a solid enough story to entertain for its quite long running time.

4. Juli 2012 / / Reviews

The Amazing Spider-Man is a movie that had to justify its existence way in advance. Retelling the story of how Peter Parker got bitten by a mutated spider seemed a little early – after all Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-Man had been done a mere ten years ago.

14. Februar 2011 / / General

Well the title is set now and here’s a picture of the new spidey:

14. Januar 2011 / / General