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19. April 2014 / / Reviews

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After 2012’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise (The Amazing Spider-Man) Mark Webb returns for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Where the first movie was trying to emulate the style Christopher Nolan’s hyper-real Batman reimagining, this movie goes full into comic book mode, boasting colorful villains, giant action setpieces and an abundance of trouble for the hero Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). And while the movie doesn’t reinvent the wheel – or convert any people who aren’t already on board of the superhero train – it offers a solid enough story to entertain for its quite long running time.

9. April 2014 / / Reviews

Lego 1

In einer Zeit in der Spiele wie Schiffe Versenken zu Millionenblockbustern aufgebläht werden wirkt eine Lego-Verfilmung wie ein Symbol für den Untergang des originellen Blockbusters. Und obwohl viele bis zum Gang ins Kino skeptisch sein werden – oder wie ich schon im Vorhinein den Film als „unnötige Geldmache“ abgeschrieben haben – entpuppt sich The Lego Movie als einer der kreativsten und unterhaltsamsten Mainstream Filme der letzten Jahre.

4. Dezember 2013 / / Batman
23. August 2013 / / Batman
20. Juli 2013 / / Analysen

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A year ago o July 20th I saw one of my most hyped up movies: The Dark Knight Rises
The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy or – as it is now know – the Dark Knight Trilogy.
Only a year?

After some initial uncertainties with The Dark Knight Rises as a final installment I went back to rewatch the trilogy and see it as a whole. And the more I thought about it, the more all the pieces fit together.

Many problems I had with the plot – especially the idea of legacy – were because I was expecting  a different take on Batman but it is undeniably clear that Christopher Nolan has had a vision for a story and never compromised. We can agree and disagree but it is truly a sign of a storyteller expressing his vision of a character.

And because of this Nolan’s trilogy is the measure stick for superhero trilogies and movie trilogies in general. And it will probably remain for quite some time.

To celebrate a fantastic and unique run for 7 years in the theaters I listed 3 moments from the 3 movies – as well as a special mention – to highlight why I think that this trilogy stands tall above most blockbusters

3. September 2012 / / Batman
24. Juli 2012 / / Batman

The final piece of Christopher Nolan’s ambitious Batman trilogy has arrived. On friday I have watched the movie in glorious IMAX and I had to let it settle a little before making a review. Now I am pretty sure that right now no one wants to hear story details so this review will be spoiler free.

Much more, this is less a review than some advice to prepare when going into the cinema:

17. Juli 2012 / / Batman
4. Juni 2012 / / Batman
18. Dezember 2011 / / Movie Advent Calendar

For the full Movie Advent Calendar click here.

Family reunions can be a pain, crowded, tension everywhere and not really much of the Christmas joy to be found anywhere near aunt Mildred – but that is nothing compared to what the Joker has in store for Batman on Christmas Eve.