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17. März 2016 / / Reviews

Bereits zum dritten Mal bringt Dreamworks die Geschichte des kämpfenden Pandas in die Kinos. Und gleich seinen Vorgängern bietet der Animationsfilm einen netten Zeitvertreib mit gelungenen Kampf-Choreographien.

10. März 2016 / / Reviews

Bryan Cranston strahlt als kommunistischer Drehbuchautor Dalton Trumbo in einem eher holprigen Biopic. Dafür hat Helen Mirren ganz fabelhafte Hüte auf.

15. Mai 2014 / / General

Godzilla Banner 2

In 1954 we awakened something…

The line uttered by Dr. Ishiro Seriwaza (Ken Watanabe) showcases that this new iteration of the iconic movie monster Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese) is the polar opposite of Roland Emmerich’s 1998 interpretation. Instead of being scared of the 60 years legacy – and the fair share of camp associated with the 28 Japanese movies – Gareth Edwards (Monsters) has crafted a reboot that treats Godzilla as a sacred cow. The result is an astonishing film showcasing Edwards’s storytelling skills while feeling like a multimillion dollars apology for Roland Emmerich’s version.

Note: This is the first (and hopefully not last) time that we have two separate reviews for one movie. For Krammer’s review (in German) click here. For Wolfgang’s take on it just continue:

26. Februar 2014 / / Godzilla
24. August 2013 / / Batman
23. August 2013 / / Batman
10. August 2013 / / Analysen

   breaking bad banner

This summer Breaking Bad comes to an end.

The second half of the fifth Season will conclude the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Just eight more episodes until the end of the series – eight more episodes separating this series from achieving a „perfect score“ in my book.

A perfect score would mean that the series never made any serious misssteps or dragged out certain storylines or forced character changes for the sake of it. It would mean that Breaking Bad was a series with an artistic backbone using the TV medium to tell one of the greatest stories out there.

  • Why the perfect score is important
  • Why this relates to Lost and my therapy
  • Why a failure of Breaking Bad would mean additional therapy for me
  • and what this has to do with Game of Thrones

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16. Juli 2013 / / Godzilla
29. Dezember 2011 / / Reviews

Drive is a movie about an unnamed man (Ryan Gosling) who has made the car his be-all and end-all: as a mechanic and stuntcardriver he has a lot of time to spend in the car – and we haven’t yet spoken about the part where he gets hired as a getaway driver for robberies.