Schlagwort: Cars 2

31. August 2011 / / Reviews

Cars 2 marks the shattering of a big illusion: namely that Pixar stands above cheap cash-in movies.

When the sequel was announced to the least liked
Pixar movie I was cautious,
when the synopsis sounded like a Dreamworks straight to
DVD movie I was uncertain,
when the redneck idiot from part II was announced to
be the main character I was nervous,
when I walked into a toy store and saw the million articles based on Cars 2 I was worrying about the intention
of making this movie.
When I saw the product…
I was pretending I didn’t see this movie.

22. Juli 2011 / / General

Blimey, one week in England and suddenly everything exciting happens. I am a little late on with basically everything, so here just a collection of highlights that I missed:

27. Juni 2011 / / General

2011 will probably mark the first year where Pixar is not the lock for the best animated Oscar category seeing how Cars 2 got ripped apart (German speaking countries have to wait until 27th July to judge for themselves if those reviews are accurate). Maybe people were too harsh on Cars 2 because it is made by Pixar and looking at the trailers it seems more like a Dreamworks cashgrab instead of a sequel like Toy Story 2 and 3 – but then again Pixar has set the bar so high they are bound to get measured differently.

Thankfully 2012 will mark Pixar’s return to original stories with Brave: