Schlagwort: Curse of Chucky

7. September 2017 / / /slash

Happy Halloween!
In unserem neuesten Podcast dreht sich alles um Horror! Welche Filme eignen sich am besten für einen gruseligen Halloween DVD Abend? Weiters haben wir uns gegenseitig Horrorfilme empfohlen, die wir gemeinsam durchdiskutieren.

25. Oktober 2013 / / Friend's 'til the End

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In 1988 Child’s Play started a franchise about a doll who was possessed by the murderous soul of Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray (Brad Dourif). 25 years later the fifth sequel of the franchise arrives and this is a welcome excuse for me to do a complete retrospective of the Child’s Play – franchise, a string of stories that have accompanied me through a large chunk of my life and have been very personal experiences: