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29. Mai 2014 / / Reviews

Maleficient 1

Die Selbstbeweihräucherung eines der größten Filmstudios der Welt geht in die nächste Etappe. Nach Saving Mr. Banks und der damit verbundenen Hintergrundgeschichte zu Mary Poppins (1964), macht sich Disney nun daran, einen anderen Klassiker aus dem eigenen Haus wieder in Erinnerung zu rufen. Angelina Jolie verleiht als Maleficent der bösen Fee aus Dornröschen (1959) ein neues Gesicht, Hintergrundgeschichte und Charakterentwicklung inklusive. Es ist einer der wenigen Filme, dessen Qualität sich aus dem Trailer heraus noch nicht mal erahnen lässt.

8. November 2013 / / Special Coverage
17. April 2013 / / Special Coverage

So Kathleen Kennedy was not joking when she said that they would be planning more than the one Star Wars movie every 3 years. Apparently after Star Wars VII will hit the screen in 2015 there will be a new Star Wars movie every year. These movies will vary between movies like Episode VIII and IX and standalone movies (about which we already heard countless rumors). It is not hard to see an Avengers-like approach to it but I still doubt that Star Wars would need solo-movies to hype up the “team up episodes”… to phrase my feelings in a very Star Wars-y fashion

I have a bad feeling about this…

22. März 2013 / / Reviews

banner oz

Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spider-Man) returns to big blockbusters after he revisited his horror roots with Drag me to Hell. Oz: The Great and Powerful stars James Franco as the title giving Oz and tells us the story of the man who eventually became the man behind the curtain in the much beloved The Wizard of Oz. Reimagining a much beloved classic with up to date special effects had me asking one question over and over again:

Will it be as terrible as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland?

31. Oktober 2012 / / General
12. März 2012 / / Reviews

Last week I went into a screening of John Carter (previously titled John Carter of Mars) and thankfully I only paid 7.5 € instead of 12 € for the Austrian excuse for an Imax screening. John Carter is a massive 250 million dollars undertaking – intended to become a new franchise. Directed by Andrew Stanton (writer: Toy Story 1-3, Monsters Inc., writer/director: Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Wall-E) there is a fair deal of talent behind this project. The question was if it has paid off…

31. August 2011 / / Reviews

Cars 2 marks the shattering of a big illusion: namely that Pixar stands above cheap cash-in movies.

When the sequel was announced to the least liked
Pixar movie I was cautious,
when the synopsis sounded like a Dreamworks straight to
DVD movie I was uncertain,
when the redneck idiot from part II was announced to
be the main character I was nervous,
when I walked into a toy store and saw the million articles based on Cars 2 I was worrying about the intention
of making this movie.
When I saw the product…
I was pretending I didn’t see this movie.

27. Juni 2011 / / General

2011 will probably mark the first year where Pixar is not the lock for the best animated Oscar category seeing how Cars 2 got ripped apart (German speaking countries have to wait until 27th July to judge for themselves if those reviews are accurate). Maybe people were too harsh on Cars 2 because it is made by Pixar and looking at the trailers it seems more like a Dreamworks cashgrab instead of a sequel like Toy Story 2 and 3 – but then again Pixar has set the bar so high they are bound to get measured differently.

Thankfully 2012 will mark Pixar’s return to original stories with Brave:

18. Dezember 2010 / / Movie Advent Calendar