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12. Januar 2018 / / Reviews
8. Januar 2015 / / Reviews

Mit Taken begann 2009 Liam Neesons Wandlung zum Actionhelden und mit dieser Nische ist der Schauspieler finanziell sehr erfolgreich gefahren. Doch ob Taken 3 wieder einfangen kann, was den ersten Teil so besonders macht ist nun die Frage.

9. Oktober 2014 / / Reviews

Denzel Washington geht den ‘Liam Neesonesquen’ Weg weiter auf den er sich mit 2 Guns begeben hat und spielt in der Neuauflage einer Serie aus den Achtzigern den Equalizer. Regie führt Antoine Fuqua, der sich eine Karriere aufgebaut hat mit brutalen Actionfilmen a la Olympus has fallen oder King Arthur.

14. Juli 2012 / / Batman

The Dark Knight Rises is less than a week away and now it is time to quit the internet. To stop looking at clips and shut yourself off from spoilers. Seriously we have come this far, we don’t want the ending spoiled don’t we?

So while Batman-News has run a great piece on how to avoid spoilers for the last week of Batman. I thought of another way to pass the time. So for each remaining day I have compiled a movie suggestion to delve deeper into the world of Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

15. April 2012 / / Reviews

He has fought his way through immigrants in France, he saved the Jews, he trained both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Batman and has been the ruler over the Olympus twice – Liam Neeson has replaced Chuck Norris as the biggest fighter on the planet. When he crashes somewhere in the Antarctica he and the survivors are chased by wolves. So when he tells the others that they have to kill every single wolf out there you lean back and prepare for…

19. Januar 2012 / / Batman
17. Juni 2011 / / Batman

When Gary Oldman said that the script of The Dark Knight Rises would bring the story full circle the speculations started to rise. Generally the news about this movie keep dropping in and the more we know the stranger and unpredictable this movie starts to look (which is actually refreshing seeing as of today we can basically predict most of what’s going to happen in Amazing Spider-Man).

Now there have been reports about a certain cast member returning from Batman Begins which basically might kick The Dark Knight Rises into fifth gear (well at least for me).

Warning spoilers ahead:

24. Dezember 2010 / / Movie Advent Calendar