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1. Januar 2012 / / Reviews
4. August 2011 / / General

Warner Brothers unveiled the first image of Henry Cavill as Man of Steel in the upcoming 2012 movie of the same name – directed by ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK SNYYYYYYYDR.

Seems similar to Amazing Spider-Man that the first images are very DARK and DARK:

31. März 2011 / / Reviews

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first Speed Racer of the year nominee has landed!

The future director of Superman: Man of Steel (2012) decided to open the season with a hilarious trainwreck.

Following a number of cliches strung together by a horrible Sweet Dreams cover, the heroine Baby Doll (no, I wish I would be kidding you) ends up in an Asylum, which is naturally run by crooks who do the only reasonable thing and run a brothel with the girls. Baby Doll and a given number of inmates plan to escape from the asylum. Using her imagination to dance (yes seriously) Baby Doll battles Nazis, Dragons and everything that was already shown in the trailer – showing us how much could have gone wrong with Inception.