Schlagwort: The Artist

11. November 2012 / / Reviews

Argo is Ben Affleck’s third directorial outing (following Gone Baby Gone and The Town) and reminded me of how much people still associate Ben Affleck with Daredevil and Armageddon instead of his last – and arguably much more sophisticated projects.

Still after the public exposure that Argo is getting this should be a thing of the past.

29. Februar 2012 / / Oscars
21. Februar 2012 / / Reviews

Hugo is a fairy tale about two children finding their place in the world directed by a man who is known for: killing his characters, butchers, mental institutions, guys urinating in glasses, mafia bombing, stalkers, boxers, mentally deranged taxi drivers…

13. Februar 2012 / / Reviews

So finally I managed to catch The Artist. A silent movie about the end of the silent era. It is the heavyweight of the Oscar movies and unless a big miracle happens it will win best picture. I was very skeptical because two of my friends had seen an early screening of the movie at the Viennale and while one was raving about it the other was surprisingly solemn about it. And the fact that this friend shared exactly the same feelings about The King’s Speech last year had me turn down my anticipation so that I wouldn’t have the same situation as last year.

19. Januar 2012 / / Oscars