Schlagwort: The Shining

14. Dezember 2014 / / General

Jean-Luc Godard ist einer der Mitbegründer der französischen Nouvelle Vague Bewegung und einer der einflussreichsten Regisseure der 60er aus dem Land der KUNST. Mit Adieu au Langage 3D meint er selbst auch wieder einen unglaublich künstlerischen Film geliefert zu haben.

24. April 2012 / / Reviews

The Woman in Black is the story of Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) a widowed father who goes into a town to handle the estate of a woman named Alice Drablow who has lived in an old manor known to the locals as Eel Marsh House.

To say that he is not greeted friendly is putting it mildly. The townfolk eager to send Kipps back where he came from. When he wants to go to the abandoned house almost everyone tries to change his mind. Children are creepily looking out of windows and the house itself is also very uninviting. Kipps is about to find a terrible secret that the inhabitants don’t dare to talk about…