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7. November 2013 / / Reviews

Marvel Phase 2 Banner

The Avengers have assembled and separated again.
Iron Man 3 has happened and acted as a sort of bookend for Avengers. And now Thor: The Dark World really kicks off the second phase of Marvels cinematic adventures.
And similarly to the original Thor it is the silver lining after the disappointing Iron Man 3 (a very similar situation to Thor following Iron Man 2) and probably the most entertaining Marvel studios film since Thor.

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19. April 2013 / / Special Coverage

Phase 2 Banner

Out of all the Marvel movies Thor was the one I was most surprised by and after the original Iron Man I consider it to be the best movie of Marvel studios. So I am very much looking forward to the second installment where we hopefully will have even more godly action and less earth-interaction.

Marvel has released a poster for Thor: The Dark World and promises a trailer next week:

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29. August 2011 / / General

Five movies, four origin stories – Captain America is the last stepping stone in Marvel’s big project of a unified comic book movie universe, so there are two questions:

is it a proper film or just a tie in?

how much propaganda can we expect from a movie called Captain America?

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