Schlagwort: THREEE DEEE

15. September 2012 / / General
12. März 2012 / / Reviews

The Ghost Rider is back! After having sold his soul to the Devil Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) is back to punish the sinners – but this time he goes after everyone, even the people looking at the THREEE DEEE skull in the theater. After all the Ghost Rider is now punishing speeding tickets and illegal movie downloads!

21. Februar 2012 / / Reviews

Hugo is a fairy tale about two children finding their place in the world directed by a man who is known for: killing his characters, butchers, mental institutions, guys urinating in glasses, mafia bombing, stalkers, boxers, mentally deranged taxi drivers…

24. November 2011 / / Special Coverage
14. Oktober 2011 / / General
25. September 2011 / / General

Last year there was only one movie you had to see in 3D: Piranha 3D. The movie was intentionally spoofing b-grade horror movies, was surprisingly well made and funny. With 74% on rottentomatoes the producers of the movie were just as surprised as the rest of us:

4. August 2011 / / General

Warner Brothers unveiled the first image of Henry Cavill as Man of Steel in the upcoming 2012 movie of the same name – directed by ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK SNYYYYYYYDR.

Seems similar to Amazing Spider-Man that the first images are very DARK and DARK: