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6. Oktober 2016 / / Reviews

Ein breites Programm von emotional aufwühlenden, überraschenden und lustigen Filmen erwartet uns im 69. Podcast – inklusive der Erklärung, dass es auch super Mamas gibt.

27. Mai 2016 / / Reviews
8. Dezember 2011 / / Movie Advent Calendar

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Serving as a perfect bridging film to get from Halloween- into Christmas-mood Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas combines both Holidays and tells the story of Jack Skellington who asks the question why the world of Halloween can’t have its own Christmas celebration.

This review is part of a series of reviews Journey to the Planet of the Apes to prepare for the newest installment.
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A decade ago and almost 30 years after the hilarious Battle for the Planet of the Apes Tim Burton decided to start a project he perfected with Alice in Wonderland: to take a great original movie, remove everything remotely interesting and give us a horrendous adaptation in name only.

24. Dezember 2010 / / Movie Advent Calendar
4. Dezember 2010 / / Movie Advent Calendar