Schlagwort: War on terror

20. Juli 2018 / / Reviews

In der Fortsetzung zu Denis Villeneuves genialem Thriller wird versucht einen Überraschungshit in eine “Saga” zu verwandeln.

25. April 2012 / / Reviews

This is the third article in the coverage of the movies related to 2012’s The Avengers. To get to the overview click here.

The best weapon is the weapon you only have to fire once!

The arrogance in the words of Tony Stark is incredible. The way he puts himself above everyone else, leads an overly luxurious lifestyle and doesn’t care for anyone else – he the guy you would not suspect to be a hero left alone like him at all. And yet Tony Stark is one of the strongest if not the strongest hero characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.