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Da sich dieses Jahr aufgrund der zeitintensiven Viennale kein Halloween Podcast wie letztes Jahr ausgegangen ist, hat sich Wolfgang kurz hingesetzt, um einen Wes Craven Podast aufzunehmen, in dem er sich mit den Filmreihen Scream und A Nightmare on Elm Street auseinandersetzt und für beide Filmreihen ein Triple-Feature auswählt, welches man an einem Halloween Film-Marathon schauen kann.

11. April 2011 / / Analysen

This is an overview of the first three installments of the highly successful Scream trilogy, which will get a fourth chapter this week. The guide is spoiler-free, no revelations of the idedntity of the killers are made, it is just here to give a general feeling of what this series is about and why I think it should be watched.

11. April 2011 / / Analysen

For a spoiler-free overview of the Scream Trilogy click here.

Tomorrow Scream 4 arrives in french cow country and to say I’m excited might not really cut it, after all Scream has been my first “serious horror movie” when I was ten and I am now in the demographic being targeted as nostalgia cash-in.

The idea of having a fourth Scream or Scre4m as they call it now, always sounded ridiculous to me – then again I was young and believed what the guy in the television told me. “The rules” clearly established in Scream 3 that either you have a continuing franchise OR a concluded trilogy.
Since Scream 3 (or Scr3am ?) took the second route a sequel was out of the question…

But in a year where we have 3 part 4s (Scre4m, Pirates 4 and Twilight 4) it doesn’t seem that far off. The question is:

Will this movie be any good?