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2. November 2013 / / General

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They have… yada yada yada yada…
But surprisingly…
… he’s back.

 Chucky 5 Banner

Seed of Chucky continues what was teased at the end of Bride of Chucky: an almost dead Tiffany doll gave birth to Chucky’s son. The fifth installment in the Child’s Play series amps up the comedy and completely abandons its horror roots while it similarly to Scream 3 turns into a Hollywood satire – and thus the series is as far away from its original movie as possible.

31. Oktober 2013 / / Friend's 'til the End

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They killed him thrice… but he is back… as usual!

Banner Chucky 4

After the franchise had hibernated for 7 years writer Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner went for a radical change of tone. Introducing Chucky’s (Brad Dourif) former flame Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) mixed up the formula and revitalized the franchise. 

26. Oktober 2013 / / Friend's 'til the End

Friends till the end banner

The setup for Child’s Play is quite simple: two criminals are chased by the police and one of the two makes a run for it – leaving his partner Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) behind. Charles then breaks into a toy shop to escape the detective Mike (Chris Sarandon) who has mortally wounded Chucky. So far so good, nothing out of the usual here… that is until Charles uses Voodoo magic to teleport his soul into a Good Guys doll.

Chucky 1 Banner

We then go through the motions with Karen Barclay (Catherine Hicks) and her son Andy (Alex Vincent) who would like nothing more than to get a Good Guys doll for his sixth birthday. And if you can put two and two together the rest of the plot is not quite hard to guess.

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