Scream 4 Trailer revealed


Ghostface is back, the Scream franchise will return next year on April 15th (will be a nice birthday present for me) to continue the story and remind us of “the rules”.

Now this is a movie that can backfire so much it’s not even funny, but it might also be very good, the trailer though doesn’t look that promising to me, maybe because the actors look typecast, generic and hotter-than-life, whereas the original Scream deliberately avoided this horror cliche.

Many horror movies are not only used as a vessel to celebrate violence in a pornographic way but also they add actual porn elements (topless chearleaders, nude swimming girls etc.) for further exploitation.

Scream wisely cast “average looking” people to further empathise on the concept of an average movie-going audience now living in a world that turns into a horror movie scenario. Right now this trailer makes Scream 4 or Scre4m look like another Friday the 13th Michael Baysplotion exploitation.

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  1. 22. Oktober 2010

    Scream 4 had me wondering what could they possibly make fun of now?? But after seeing the trailer, I realized there’s so much more to this now, and I can’t wait to see it! I hope this doesn’t become a major let down.

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