The Bane of The Dark Knight Rises

Comic book day!
Firstly, we got a crappy picture and fanboys whining for getting what they wanted (anyone else knew beforehand that the yellow suits don’t work for the big screen, but well… now we have proof)

Mr. Nolan, I salute you once again for not doing what everyone expected!
After mysterious insiders and self proclaimed experts have been touting all over the net that Hugo Strange would be the new villain in The Dark Knight Rises and that it would be modelled after the story of Batman: Prey – Warner Brothers crushed this rumor today and reveiled that two roles of The Dark Knight Rises are:

Selina Kyle – Anne Hathaway
Bane – Tom Hardy

Now first of all this means that “Hugo Strange” is added to the long list of “insiderinfos” alongside with “Riddler is in Batman 3” “Johnny Depp is the Riddler” “Eddie Murphy is the Riddler” “Batman 3 ends with Wayne Manor exploding and a cliffhanger to Batman 4” “Philip Seymour Hoffman is Penguin” etc.

Secondly this will mean that a new wave of “informants” that will soon say that it will be modelled after the comic “Knightfall” (since it is the most popular Bane comic) the rumors about Talia al Ghul (since there is still another female role they are looking for) will keep on going…

But what can we deduce from this information without going totally overboard?

1. Selina Kyle does not need to be Catwoman
There might be Catwoman, but maybe not, maybe it is just one side of her character that will evolve into Catwoman. Then on the other hand Nolan never saves his stuff for sequels so there has to be a reason for Kyle being there.
Also great that Anne Hathaway has been cast since she is not the usual choice. Typically to be a woman in a blockbuster movie you have to have the body of a pornstar to get fanboys drooling regardless of how little acting talent you have.
So I’m giving Hathaway the acting bonus – she can act, she got nominated for an Oscar and like Heath Ledger she’s not the first person that comes into your mind when you think about Catwoman/Joker.

2. Bane can mean everything
Nolan now has the reputation and the trust that he knows how to tell a Batman story. By picking Bane, an enemy not that familiar to the everyday movie goer he can have more creative freedom and can get away with changes more easily because the only ones that will mind will be the same people who wanted to boycott Dark Knight for not making the Joker permanently white (as if it would have made any difference).
Also Bane was not really the top choice for most “possible villains” lists since he seemed too “unrealistic” for Nolan’s universe – maybe that is about to change as well (meaning broadening the canvas of Batman without going Batman & Robin)

So take your daily chill pill and just wait for Dark Knight Rises to happen or do you really want to whine and make the movie end up looking like this:

Let’s just hope that the X-Men news are fake news…

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  1. 21. Januar 2011

    so much looking forward to this movie! maybe this time i should go to the uk and watch it in imax as well…

    • 22. Januar 2011

      No more London – Chicago is the way to go :D
      Ernsthaft, letzter Nolan Batman, das muss big time gefeiert werden

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