Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises

Well the rumor has been going on since he was cast for his role in Inception…

Levitt was rumored to replace the Joker because he seemed to resemble Heath Ledger. Naturally the Joker rumors were shot down quickly, but apparently Levitt is still in the mix for The Dark Knight Rises.

Well Deadline seems more or less of a safe source so I’m going along in assuming that the statement that Levitt is meeting to talk for a role in TDKR.

Curious what his role will be, let’s wait and see the conspiracies spread.

It speaks volumes for the anticipation of this movie compared to other blockbusters, since the tiniest casting choice is already worthy of a big news, but what else is to expect after the fantastic The Dark Knight.

To wet one’s appetite a little more, here’s an interview with Wally Pfister, the man who started to shot direct to video erotic movies and has now been nominated four times for his work as cinematographer (Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception – notice what they have in common?)

The interview doesn’t say much, expect the usual “he nailed it” “It’s a perfect script” all the things I would like to believe The Dark Knight Rises is – but of course coming from a guy who worked on the movie one has to take the news with a grain of salt.


Wolfgang Verfasst von:

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  1. 3. Februar 2011

    Hmm, JGL was my choice for Edward Nigma/The Riddler, during the initial casting rumours extravaganza before it was even confirmed that there would be a second sequel.

    Now, the prediction of choice doing the rounds is that JGL may be more of a supporting, Gary Oldman type significant character by being an ADA or someone from the GPD. Makes sense to me. Would actually be refreshing to have a big name not be a major villain, but a non-powered supporting cast member along with Alfred, Lucius and Gordon (Comissioner, not Levitt).

    • 4. Februar 2011

      yeah i don’t think it will be a big role as well, but the marketing choice is pretty obvious since WB will try to compensate for Ledger’s absence by recreating a lot of the Inception feel (over 800 million at the boxoffice is another potential demographic to draw in)

      The obvious choice would be the new DA – since both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have featured people representing the law and after Dark Knight the hole left by Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes needs to be filled somehow.

      Also the GPD would be an interesting angle to add pressure on gordon – Levitt comes in as the new young energetic officer who wants to make a name by catching the batman and starts suspecting that gordon is cooperating with bats

      • 4. Februar 2011

        Yea I agree completely. It would be great to see JGL as a supporting cast member in Nolan’s Bat-verse. That kid is getting up there pretty quickly.

        It’s cool to see considering I’ve been following him since 3RD ROCK… days.

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