George Lucas to go full CGI with Star Wars 3D

George Lucas is back with his infamous re-editing.

As previously announced Star Wars Episode I would undergo a special treatment and the visual effects artists would replace the horrible Episode 1 Yoda puppet with a CGI version, seen on the Revenge of the Sith DVD:


But now it seems as if Lucas is doing what he initially promised not to do: Turn Yoda from Episode V and VI into CGI!

Seeing the great work done by our visual effects team and consulting with Jim [Cameron] for the 3D release of the Star Wars Saga it became more and more apparent that the original [puppet] was not fit for a 3D release.
Our crew has started working on the improvements and seeing the results I can safely assure you that the computer animated Yoda will be a vast improvement over the original portrayal while still honoring Frank’s [Oz] portrayal.

Head over to IGN for the whole story.

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    11. April 2011

    George Lucas will burn in hell!

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