Josh Pence in The Dark Knight Rises

Josh Pence has been announced by “sources” (according to THR) to play a role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. According to The Hollywood Reporter he will play


A young version of Ra’s al Ghul, set 30 years in the past.
Ra’s al Ghul was portrayed by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins. If that news is true then maybe The Dark Knight Rises will have Nolan return to his twisted flashback-storytelling (see Following, Memento and Prestige) – well that’s as good a guess as anyone’s. Maybe Nolan will go bafuckinsane make Batman travel through time to stop Ra’s al Ghul from taking polyjuicepotion and kill Bruce’s parents to get Joe Chill arrested who is – gasp – the real father of Bruce Wayne?

Let’s just wait and see, but my money is on Lucius Fox building a rocket ship that travels through time (as hinted in The Dark Knight).

Pence played a role in David Ficher’s The Social Network, but you might not have seen him: he was a body double for Armie Hammer who played the Winklevoss twins. Hammer’s face was superimposed over Pence’s.

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