The Dark Knight Rises has started shooting

Wow, damn… so we are now really entering the phase where the news become real news and not some speculations about “Robin’s hideout”, “CGI-Joker” and stuff like that. The shooting starts in India for May 6th and 7th with actor Christian Bale.

They will film in Jodhpur and use the Mehrangarh Fort as a background – I am very curious what this will turn into…

Wolfgang Verfasst von:

Der Host des Flipthetruck Podcasts. Mit einem Fokus auf Science Fiction und Roboter sucht er ständig jene Mainstream Filme, die sich nicht als reine Unterhaltungsfilme zufrieden geben.

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  1. 7. Mai 2011

    OMG! They’re shooting like right next to me (the country beside me… but still worth getting excited over). But India eh…? You’re right… I’m curious how this will be used. I have a feeling it’ll be going back to the League of Shadows thing using a Asian, historical place as backdrop like the temple in BB.

    It’s hard not to continue speculating though… :|

    • 9. Mai 2011

      and i still have no clue at all what the story could be…

      India is obviously nolan’s “non-gotham set” like Iceland in Begins for the League and Hong Kong in Dark Knight – he always takes the action outside to make the world feel more connected than just gotham

      according to some french magazine Cottilard’s role is “a small one” and yeah I have pretty much no clue to what her role is up to or if she is just a character like ramirez who progresses the story

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