Are you ready to celebrate “Harvey Dent Day”?

The viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises is back. And while it has not been as intricate as the one for The Dark Knight it is always nice to get some of those fake news articles.

On it is possible to click through Gotham City and find some snippets. Next to some advice to buy Dew and enter codes (sigh) there are also some storyhints on this website to be found.

One of them would be the declaration of the Harvey Dent act:

This morning, Mayor Anthony Garcia signed the Dent Act. The legislation, passed unanimously by the City Assembly, will bolster the city’s campaign against organized crime. One of the main features of the act is the creation of stricter penalties, including the denial of parole, for those who commit any crime deemed as a part or function of a larger criminal enterprise. This will close the loophole created in previous laws that hampered the city’s to stamp out organized crime.

?”Harvey Dent was a hero in the true sense of the word,” said the Mayor. “His courage in taking on the criminal empires that ruled the streets saved our city. It would be inappropriate for us to not honor his sacrifice.”

“Fifteen minute s ago, I signed a Bill, suitably named the Dent Act, that allows us to pick up where Harvey Dent left off. The legislation gives Police Commissioner Jim Gordon the tools needed to deal the final blow to the criminal and corrupt that remain active within our city”

?”To those who claim this legislation creates a police state, my answer is very simple. Before the Dent Act, our city was so despertate we had to place our trust behind a masked vigilante who ultimately murdered the man who was truly Gotham’s shining hope. Luckily for us, the hope has endured. This bill is Harvey Dent’s legacy and I intend to protect it”.

At the Mayor’s request, the City Assembly will introduce another Bill making the date of Harvey Dent’s sacrifice an official city holiday, calling it Harvey Dent Day.

This Harvey Dent Act will be one of the major storylines as it manages to clean up Gotham City as Batman intended – unless someone were to come along and reveal what Harvey Dent did when he was not fighting crime…

Also today there was another update that gave us some pages from the Gotham Observer:

Source: Batman-News

Which hints at some things we have already seen in the trailer: the football match with the Gotham Rogues, a fundraiser at Wayne Manor…

Also there is another viral site which is about online data security:

Could The Dark Knight Rises address the problem of privacy as well?

Anyway… we are now less than a month away from the movie and I can’t help getting more and more excited with every passing day.

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