The Evil Dead Remake – or: How a trailer can completely turn you around

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We live in a time where there is a remake about every corner. When you know that they are planning to remake Ben Hur you are naturally starting to be more careful. One doesn’t want to fall into the Alice in Wonderland trap again and feel like being robbed by a guy in a costume that made you feel nostalgic long enough to distract you.

And when a beloved horror classic like The Evil Dead the alarm clocks of a horror fan shriek even louder. Attaching Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as producers might be a good sign – but might also be a ploy to shut up fanboys. And of course they are going to hype the movie and saying how much it respects the original.

The trailer has been out for quite a while but I never really made the rounds of watching it, writing the remake off like I did so other remakes. That being said a mere 90 seconds was enough to completely sway me over.

Warning! Intense and extremely violent trailer coming:


I hope the movie makes you as uncomfortable as this trailer. It looks like a logical update to retell the horror classic and hopefully will live up to the hype (as the interviews of Raimi and Campbell have promised). The Evil Dead is a genre jewel and let’s hope for the very best and that it won’t be another Nightmare on Elm Street.

Fede Alvarez is directing the remake and it will mark his first feature film after some pretty fun shorts:


More on youtube, just look for his name if you want to see more (and longer) shorts.

Evil Dead arrives in April until then: don’t read any books with strange language (especially not the Necronomicon)

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