Hathaway and McConaughey go Interstellar

McConaughey in 2012’s Killer Joe

Christopher Nolan is returning to the Sci-Fi genre in 2014 with Interstellar. A week ago the news broke that Matthew McConaughey was cast as the lead role in Nolan’s upcoming movie. After earning a lot of praise this year for Killer Joe and Magic Mike McConaughey escaped the romantic-comedy-genre in which he was stuck for quite some time (except when he made Reign of Fire with starring Batman and Leonidas).

So Nolan casting him bodes very well for the actor and might continue the McConnaissance as it has been dubbed by some.

But it wouldn’t be a Christopher Nolan production without recurring faces!

Fresh from her Oscar-win and her well received performance as Catwoman (despite the initial casting criticism) Anne Hathaway might also star in Interstellar.

And if you ask me it is only a matter of time before Michael Caine is also confirmed (just because he is Michael Caine).

Wolfgang Verfasst von:

Der Host des Flipthetruck Podcasts. Mit einem Fokus auf Science Fiction und Roboter sucht er ständig jene Mainstream Filme, die sich nicht als reine Unterhaltungsfilme zufrieden geben.

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